Tamil and Social Media – A Glance

Social Media has fairly been a boon to Tamil. It would rather be fitting to state that social media has raised the hopes of many Tamils who hitherto feared that the language would be dead in a century as predicted (hopefully it goes wrong) by Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiar, the national poet.

The social channels provide an easy way to connect with people having like-minded interests. This single most feature of any social networking sites, be it Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, has enabled individuals to connect to each other across borders. A Tamil from Tamil Nadu working in Melbourne, Australia is able to connect with another Tamil of Eezham origin living in Toronto, Canada to discuss something on script reformation in Tamil. Social Media has made this powerful connection easier.

In the Tamil-speaking world, it can be observed that social media is being used by individuals to talk matters of cinema and politics, the two single most important elements that make up the Tamil society. Though some might grumble (and my own inner soul would anyways) that cinema ain’t important to a society, I am just trying to reflect the importance, the field has come to occupy in our Tamil society at large.

We are also witnessing political parties, and individuals belonging to different political parties slowly understanding the importance of social media in general. Their moves of creating mobile apps and giving news immediately as it happens in their official social channels are slowly taking a firm root.

The print and visual media in Tamil too have realised the importance of social media. Makkal TV was the first to realize the importance of YouTube and continuous to be the number one Tamil channel to upload many programs on to YouTube. Off late many other Tamil channels have followed suit. Almost all print media in Tamil have now pages dedicated to what a commoner said on social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

I just gave a glance of what is happening in the social sphere in our Tamil society. You shall hear from me pretty often.

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