5 Best Herbs with Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial Properties

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I thought I will give you details of 5 important herbs that have been proven to have anti-viral / anti-bacterial properties. They are ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin seeds, and black pepper. The Siddha medicine talks about incorporating these 5 in the food we prepare rather than making some kind of a concoction with everything. This is because each of these natural herbs works in a specific way and they might interfere with one another when mixed together. So the best way to go forward is to incorporate them into your food. Let me give you examples of how you can incorporate them. (more…)

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How to prepare Ginger Concoction to fight Chest Congestion

Ginger is a wonder herb that can fight the phlegm accumulation in your lungs, commonly referred to as Chest Congestion. It is a root herb that has been touted as good for our lungs. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused considerable panic among humanity. So as fellow humans it is our collective responsibility to fight the pandemic by preparing our body and making it more immune to the infection. The idea once again here is not a cure to CoVID-19 but to make our body respond better and the fight should the coronavirus infect us.

Even today, we prepare this concoction at our home whenever we are down with cold or cough with phlegm in the lungs. I read the content to a well qualified Siddha Medical Professional and got a go-ahead before posting this. Let us dive into the process of making this ginger concoction, called Inji Kashaayam in Tamil. (more…)

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Cheat Sheet for the Authorities In Times of Crisis

I always wondered if some priority things are not taken care of by the authorities whenever disaster strikes and the crisis unfolds. I have compiled here a cheat sheet for the authorities who can probably give a thought. I have tried my best to put things in the list; not denying the fact that it can indeed be made exhaustive. The moment an area has been declared a disaster zone, the authorities can activate the following processes by default with immediate effect. (more…)

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