Cheat Sheet for the Authorities In Times of Crisis

I always wondered if some priority things are not taken care of by the authorities whenever disaster strikes and the crisis unfolds. I have compiled here a cheat sheet for the authorities who can probably give a thought. I have tried my best to put things in the list; not denying the fact that it can indeed be made exhaustive. The moment an area has been declared a disaster zone, the authorities can activate the following processes by default with immediate effect. (more…)

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Chennai Floods – Our Relief Effort

I am writing this story after three days. The flood situation was grim and on the night of 3rd December 2015, I decided to touch base with my friend Robert to do something for the city of my birth. While I was watching rescue and relief operations underway along the banks of River Adayar, I was also completely aware that the Northern parts of Chennai did not receive the much needed media attention. (more…)

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Social Media and the 2015 Rains of North Tamil Nadu

As I begin writing this article, my ears are bombarded with the noise of the splattering rain. The North-East monsoon is in full steam and the Northern districts of Kadaloor (I prefer to spell it this way than “Cuddalore”), Chennai, Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram have already borne the brunt and indeed are still facing the brunt.

Mid November a whatsapp message was doing the round in Chennai quoting (misquoting rather) that NASA has predicted a heavy rainfall of up to 250cm (!!). To put it on record, Chennai received maximum rainfall of 1088 mm in the same month in the year 1918. This November the downpour has crossed 1050mm. Looking at the incessant rains, I guess a new rain record for the month of November is going to be set.

Quite understandably Chennai has submerged and the city has not been able to cope with this much of rain. Social Media is abuzz about how the administration has failed by and large. Most political leaders were out on the street distributing food and having a look at how the rain has battered the lives of commoners.

Facebook came to life (it is always with life) with pictures of opposition leaders distributing relief materials and the story of the deluge. As a matter of fact schools that closed on the occasion of Diwali never opened till date as I write this story. One of the best meme on Facebook that made me laugh out loud was on the schools remaining closed. The image of the meme is pasted for you to enjoy the gig.

The hastag #ChennaiRains in Twitter, though not trending, seem to capture much details about the rains. I happened to read through some of the tweets. Most of them pertain to not reaching home and being stuck at office or getting stuck in the traffic because the vehicles do not seem to move.

My office is a 15 minutes drive along the Inner Ring Road and I seem to have a different concern. Am I going to miss today’s episode of Master Chef Australia?

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