LLE stands for Listen, Learn and Engage. And as the nomenclature goes at LLE we give utmost importance to listen to the online community.

LLE is the brainchild of Ganesh Arunadann, where Arunadann is his pseudonym. With over 20+ years of experience in such varied fields like Financial Sector, Real Estate, Operations and Marketing, Arunadann is gifted with the expertise to study your business in-depth. This proficiency in analyzing various businesses gives him a great edge in devising clear online strategies for social media. His passion lies in politics, not in the realm of contesting but rather in the domain of analyzing current political trends and election data. He clearly opines that the political landscape is fast transforming and social media has started to play a significant role.

Arunadann with his acumen for designing, fondness for colors and eye for details, makes him a better person to whom you can trust your website designing needs. His clarion communication skill makes him a better content writer. All these prowesses of Arunadann make LLE Social Media a one-stop entity to get your entire online need accomplished.